Things to Know About Vastu for Master Bedroom

In any house, the master bedroom holds special significance and hence it is very important to maintain the flow of positive energy in that area specially. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that deals with the positive energy flow in a house and helps in enhancing the living quality of its inhabitants.


According to Vastu, the bedroom of a house is given special significance as it has a direct impact on the overall happiness and health of all its inhabitants. In this article, we will discuss some Vastu Shastra tips that will improve the positive energy inflow in the house.


1). As per Vastu, the shape of the bedroom could be either square or rectangular. The ideal length to the breadth of a bedroom should be in the ration of 2:1. For example, if the length of the room is 16 feet, then the breadth should be 8 feet.


2). The master bedroom should always be located at the south-west corner of your home and must be occupied by the head of the family to ensure prosperity as well as happiness in the family. If your house is a multi-story apartment, then make sure that your master bedroom is located at the south-west corner of the top floor for the best effect.


3). In the master bedroom, the bed should be placed in such a way that it faces the south or west direction. This is to ensure that while sleeping in the bed the head of the person is towards the south or west and the legs are towards the north or the east. There should not be any other alignment as it can affect the health (physically and mentally) of the person(s) sleeping in that bed adversely.


4). If you want to have an attached bathroom, then it should be either in the west or in the north of the room. Make sure that the door of the bathroom is kept closed, as the open bathroom door may affect the aura of the bedroom negatively.


5). The entrance door of the bedroom should never be in the south direction. East north or west directions are fine for the entrance. You should also ensure that the door of the bedroom is made up of a single shutter, opens completely and is noiseless.


6). For windows, the east or north directions are the best.


7). While designing your master bedroom, make sure that your south-west corner is never empty and is always occupied by something.


8). If you want to place an Almirah, then you should choose the south-west corner of your master bedroom. It is important that you should never put a safe in your bedroom, but if it is necessary, then keep it in the south so that it faces towards the north.


9). If there is a mirror in your master bedroom, then make sure that none of your body parts is reflected in the mirror because according to Vastu, it is believed that those parts may develop medical problems.


10). Do not place TV, PC, or laptop in your master bedroom. However, if it is unavoidable, then put it in the south-east corner of the bedroom.


11). Never put any living forms like plants, fish aquarium in the bedroom.


12). Preferable colors for the master bedroom according to Vastu Shastra are blue, chocolate, green, light rose and grey.


These are just some of the important Vasthu tips that will ensure a positive energy flow in your bedroom.