Takeaway scenes with luxurious rooms

When it comes to the best part of the house then nothing can match the luxurious bedrooms which are all-time ready to give you a peaceful sleep. These beautifully designed spacious rooms are a perfect example of fine designing.


To amplify your lavishing life lets move on to the expensive rooms you get an option to privatize your rooms from the living section. This privatization is customizable and available with a sliding lock mechanism. 


Full height storage space is available to store all your antiques and clothing in the space provided. There are 3 lavishing bedrooms that are segregated to focuses on your comfortness. 



Starting with the kid’s bedroom it is 12*14 feet size room. It has attached bathroom with 3 storage spaces within the room with the attached styling bathroom. The private balcony is made available to keep your mind fresh all day.


Then comes the parent’s bedroom which is 12*14 feet size room with a running balcony connecting with the master bedroom. It is more of a private balcony at the front with a garden-view. You can make the best use of the storage space to align your goods in one place so that they can be easily accessed at one go!!! 



Guess the grandness of the master room? Well, the master room is 16.5*14.5 feet in size which is huge enough to cater to all your belongings in one place. You can even place your personalized piano in your room with a king-size bed and still, you are left with a lot of space to play around. 


The beauty of the master room is magnified with an L-shape balcony adding to it you get a personalized bathroom with customizable jacuzzi and walking closet to keep you on the go.


These rooms have mind-blowing style furnishings with an added touch of grace where every convenience has been considered. 


Loosen up on your jumbo bed, get up to speed with work at your oak composing work area or call for in-room eating and appreciate hand-created artifacts next to great perspectives, these are some of the beautiful takeaway moments while going through these luxurious rooms.